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Handicap and ADA Striping

Stay ADA Compliant


As some of you may have read or have seen on the news, ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance is a MUST if a property owner wishes to avoid any legal action related to having inadequate ADA pavement markings. It is crucial for property owners and managers alike to be well educated on this subject – for example knowing exactly how many “Van Accessible” ADA parking spaces your parking lot must provide; or how many handicap parking spaces should be in place relative to standard parking spaces; or how many correctly placed handicap unloading zones are required for your parking lot. Going hand in hand with having the proper handicap markings, is having the proper ADA sign installations for each parking space.

ADA Striping

Spoogie Striping and Pressure Washing specializes in assisting our clients with the proper number and placement of handicap markings, sign installation, as well as ADA ramp requirements. Other DOT compliant pavement markings we provide include Fire Lane striping, stencils, arrows and more.

Please check out the following link for more information regarding ADA pavement marking regulations:

ADA pavement marking regulations

ADA Striping

Our ADA Markings May Include:

Handicap signage (such as the painting of wheelchairs)

Parking space striping

Handicap curb painting

Handicap ramp painting